Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 Performance and Review

Today marks the end of market for the year. It brings me great pleasure to announce that my portfolio has returned 41% (including dividend) for the year. My best performance since 2007, largely attributed to the excellent performance by Best World International Limited (BWL). Even if I excluded the gain from BWL, portfolio would have returned approximately 9% which still beats STI ETF that has remained flat for the year with about a 3% return from dividend.

What has gone well?
I have largely adhere to my portfolio allocation that set out in March 2015. Tracking the allocation has reduces the risk of skewing my portfolio to a category just because I am suddenly excited by an avail opportunity.

Along the year, I have tweaked my strategy and have decided to keep my exposure to REIT to around 30%. Also, I have decided to create a sub-category "Turnaround" which falls under the "Growth" category.

The second thing that has gone well was slightly more time was spent reading up about the businesses that I am interested in. This leads to relative smaller movement in my top 5 holdings as compared to the rest of my portfolio. Best World, PLife Reit, Straco and SG Reit have remained in this list. The exception is ST Engineering which is replaced by Raffles Medical and Fraser Centrepoint Trust.

This marked the 25th post for the year. The highest since I started this blog!

What could be better?
I am still trading quite a bit over the second half of the year. Also, am still looking at the price of the stocks way too often. I hope that will change in 2017 and I would instead spend more time learning about the business in my portfolio.

What to look for in 2017?
These are the things about the Growth/Turnaround/Punt counters that I am excited for the year ahead.
1. Completion of Raffles Hospital Extension.
2. Best World execution of its conversion of China's export model to direct selling model.
3. Completion of 800 Super WTE plant.
4. Continue growth of Vietnam business for Food Empire.

For my Dividend/REIT counters, I believe they are able to sustain their payouts for 2017.

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